This site is for my own personal use, as I found it frustrating to find information and videos that are plentiful but dispersed, and of variable quality.  I’ve tried to balance the desire to be comprehensive with that of wanting to select items that are interesting and of good quality.  I hope it might be interesting to other people who like ice dance, and help encourage the sport.

I’ve started by documenting information and videos of the pattern dances.  I’m not sure where it will go, and part of the pleasure in building a site is seeing it develop.  I’ve also started documenting UK ice dance, Solo Dance worldwide (I believe it’s currently mainly in the US, the UK and France), and Partner Search, as these all need support.

I tried doing things in considerable detail in 2013-14, and it’s just not tenable, so I’m aiming to be more selective, and to link to the most useful sites, and videos I like, rather than duplicating information.

If you have any comments, corrections or suggestions, feel free to email me at: < comment AT icedancing.org.uk>

This site is non-profit making, and relies heavily on bringing together resources already available on the web.  If you believe anything is used inappropriately or without sufficient acknowledgement, just let me know.